1. Start using coupons for all your shopping
  2. Stop eating out, but if you do eat out, share meals, or order from the dollar menu
  3. Everyone in the family who is old enough to work should help contribute
  4. Get second jobs, or part-time jobs until things get better
  5. Search Craigslist.org under the “gigs” section to find odd jobs on the weekends
  6. Cancel all monthly subscriptions (no more I-tunes) and stop going to blockbuster
  7. Use public transportation and sell extra vehicles to eliminate monthly payments
  8. Stop shopping for groceries and be creative with the food you already have
  9. Have a garage sale and sell your larger items on Craigslist.com or Ebay.com
  10. Write about your experience in a web-blog and use Google and Pay-Pal to generate income

All of these methods have been used by people just like you to find the extra money they need to stop foreclosure and avoid eviction.

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