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So many investors are caught up in the idea of making a fortune with foreclosure properties, that they fail to stop and consider the hardship and loss that needs to take place in order for them to make their huge profits. It’s unfortunate that our society allows them to profit from someone’s misfortune like this, but it happens every single day. In a few states, they have passed laws that will help with this problem. For example, in IL, they limit the amount of profit an investor can make on any given property. This prevents investors from tricking a home owner into thinking their home is worth less than it really is, in order to buy the home at a deep discount and then “flip” it for a substantial profits.  Other laws have placed foreclosure investors in the same category as banks and lenders to force them to go through the entire foreclosure process in court, rather than a simple eviction.  These laws help keep some investors honest, but still there are others who continue to look at foreclosure victims a prey and only want to take advantage of their horrible situation.

As you can imagine, most people in foreclosure want to keep their home. The idea of losing their home and all their equity is probably the worst thing they can imagine and is scares them to death! That’s why we developed our system with an option for home owners to keep their homes. Our system allows investors to make a guaranteed return on their investment, while helping owners keep their equity and remain in their homes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Both the foreclosure victim and the foreclosure investor have safely achieved the results they wanted and both parties are happy. No need for criminal activity or huge loss or devastation for one party to make a profit.

Other methods we have used in the past, such as investor/homeowner partnerships, or owner financing arrangements have been successful methods of allowing homeowners to keep their home until they are back on their feet and can afford the payments again. Lease to own and purchase options are also widely accepted methods that allow foreclosure victims to remain in their property during the recovery process.  One of our most successful programs is our alternative funding program, which allows investors to earn a guaranteed 100% return on investment, while the foreclosure victim enjoys lower payments and continues to own the property.  With so many options available to help foreclosure victims out of this situation, while still allowing investors to make a profit, we hope more investors will turn to these beneficial methods of investing, rather than the (now) criminal methods of the past.

If you are interested in becoming a foreclosure investor, or if you are currently a foreclosure investor, please stop to consider the consequences of your transaction. Consider other methods to invest in the home, while still helping the home owner get back on their feet.  If we all work together and help eliminate the criminals and scammers from this business, then we will all enjoy greater success and help contribute to the greater good of our communities.

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