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If you have attended a foreclosure seminar and intend to use the methods and instructions from that seminar to earn a profit in the foreclosure market, you could be breaking the law! Foreclosure laws change on a regular basis and make many of the methods they teach in these seminars are now illegal! Investing in foreclosure property is very risky and has left many so called investors in foreclosure themselves. The main purpose of a foreclosure investment seminar is to take your money, not to teach you how to make money. They don’t care what happens to you or the foreclosure victims, all they care about is getting your money when you attend their seminar.

If these people were successful in foreclosure investing they would not be using their time to work with you. They understand the risk (both financial and legal) and they would rather make 100% guaranteed money by taking yours and letting you bear the legal consequences. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these people. If you have any doubt, just Google “foreclosure seminar scams” and you’ll see plenty of evidence and stories about people who have lost all their money and are facing criminal charges for the advice they took from these “foreclosure guru’s”.

There are many legitimate ways to make money in the foreclosure industry and there are even more ways to lose money in this industry. If you are willing to take the time to learn the industry, as well as your local market, they you may have a chance at making a profit. But a weekend crash course of bad advice and outdated information is nothing but a waste of time and it will most likely land you in a much trouble as the foreclosure victims they teach you to take advantage of.

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