The US economy over the past year has been enduring a seemingly endless string of collapses and crises. The stock market takes wild swings from hour to hour and property values keep declining even though most people could not get a mortgage loan if they wanted to from banks that have now gone out of business. Courts can not keep up with the wave of foreclosures, and a couple of sheriffs have even stopped enforcing foreclosure actions.

©cooldesign - freedigitalphotos

©cooldesign – freedigitalphotos

All the while, the federal government proposes one foreclosure relief program, Wall Street bailout, and economic stimulus package after another. But nothing seems to help for long, and even as some prices have fallen in recent weeks, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department have declared their intentions to flood the market with even more cheap money and prop up mortgage securities prices and purchase insurance and financial corporations.

Where do they get the money to do all this? As Americans become poorer, how does the government, without raising taxes, spend several trillion dollars for programs that had not existed just a couple of weeks before? Most people are uninformed as to how the politicians will fund their new projects, so we have put together the following list of documentaries to help explain how the debt-based government fiat money system works in this country (and throughout much of the rest of the world).

America: Freedom to Fascism

Fiat Empire

Money as Debt

Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve

Monopoly Men

The Creature from Jekyll Island

The Money Masters

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