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There are many methods to stop foreclosure on your home; the one we are going to examine today is selling your home. Getting your home to sell quickly may be one of the best options for foreclosure relief. There are many little tricks to prepare your home to sell faster than other houses on the market. It can all come down to making small inexpensive adjustments to you home.

1. Remove Wallpaper-If you have wallpaper in your home take it down and paint a neutral color over the wall. Wallpaper can automatically turn a buyer off. They may actually like the layout of your home, but one room covered in wallpaper, especially they living or dining room can send a person running. Everyone’s taste is different, if your personal style differs from theirs they won’t be able to envision themselves living there. Your best bet is to go with a neutral color, giving the buyer endless ideas on how they can make the rooms work for them.

2. Clean all the nooks and crannies-If you have dust bunnies floating around the floor or ceiling, clean them out. Give your kitchen, basement and bathroom the most sparkling cleaning it has ever had. If the buyer is deciding on purchasing your house or your neighbors it may come down to which bathtub didn’t have soap scum.

3. Yard Work is important- It is the cover on your book, you don’t want the buyer to turn away before getting to the front door. It can be as simple as picking up sticks, raking leaves, mowing the grass, puling out weeds. Drive up to your house like it is your first time; have a broken mailbox replace it, add flowers or hanging plants by the entryway. Doing these small things can change the whole mood of your home.

4. Overall smell- Walk into your house after being out in fresh air for a while and take a big whiff, the smell in there is you and you probably haven’t noticed it much before, but a buyer will. Open windows and air out your space; use an odorless spray in all the rooms. It is also best to try and get your house scent free, not everyone likes the smell of fresh pine or mountain mist.

5. Organization- If you still live in the house, get your personal items looking organized. Since your going to be moving soon this is the best time to rid your place of old magazines, mail and useless knickknacks. Going for a minimalist approach will make you place look bigger. Organize your garage, kitchen and laundry room; this will let the buyer see that they have spaces they can live and work with.

6. Closets Space- another big item buyers look at is closet and storage space. Show off whatever you have, empty as much of your personal items out of them as possible. Make the space look large, if you have a closet that’s organized well and has built-ins make sure the buyer sees it.

7. Lighting- Natural lighting is always nice; if you have a lot of windows, make sure they are clean. Replace any burned out light bulbs throughout the home, even the in the closets. Create mood lighting, show off each room in its best light, not too bright and not too dark. Remember most people don’t want a ton of light streaming in on them while there trying to sleep.

8. Price factor- Sure your home can feel priceless to you, but remember that the buyer is going to be looking at several places within the same price range. Be sure yours is comparable if not at a slightly better price than others in the market.
Doing these simple tips can help you sell your home quickly and stop your foreclosure worries. Take pride in your home and someone else will too. If you ended up selling your home quickly, please let us know tips that worked or any additional ideas you came up with.

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