©Stuart Miles - freedigital photos

©Stuart Miles – freedigital photos

Are you a homeowner who is suffering from financial difficulties, which may result in foreclosure on your home? If so, this is the time to get familiar with the foreclosure process. This can by a scary, uncertain time for homeowners, but the more knowledge you have the more you can protect yourself. The scariest part of foreclosure is having no information on what options are available to you. So read up to understand the foreclosure process and what your rights are.

If you have received a foreclosure notice in the mail, it came from a mortgage lender, which is often the bank you received your home loan from. Most likely, if you are facing foreclosure you have received, numerous written notices and telephone calls from them. So the fact that you are facing foreclosure should be no big surprise to you.

The first time you receive calls or letters from your financial lender, it is the time to take action. Although it is even better, if you know that you are going to be hitting some financial difficulties, to contact your lender before payments are late. Banks want to avoid foreclosure, just as much as you do. Knowing this should take away any fear you have of talking to your lender. Many times, financial lenders lose money when selling a foreclosed property; this is why they would rather help you keep your home.

Now that you know banks are here to help you and want to avoid foreclosure as well, you should speak directly with your financial lender. Set up a meeting with a high-ranking official, Such as the Chief loan advisor or even the branch’s president. This way you will cut right through the middleman and get the answers and help you need immediately. If your loan is with a larger lender, this will be more complicated, but make sure you are talking to someone who can actually provide help. Don’t waste your time with a customer service rep.

When you have your meeting, it is imperative to go into all your financial details with the lender. This way you both can come up with a plan that will help you; do not hide details, it will only hurt your progress and make you loose out on possible foreclosure solutions. If you can prove to your financial lender that your financial problems are only temporarily and you have intent to get your mortgage back in good standing, your lender may temporarily accept smaller payments.

As for the foreclosure proceedings, the process will depend on the state that you live in. All states have different laws when it comes to foreclosure. You may consider seeking professional help from an attorney, it is important to choose one who is knowledgeable in your state foreclosure laws.

When the foreclosure process has ended and your home has been sold at the sheriff’s sale, it’s time to start looking into other living arrangements. Try to find a more affordable place to live, unless you can come into a large amount of cash to re-buy your home during the redemption period. You are not required to leave your home until you are served an eviction notice by the lender or new property owner. But it will be better for you to face the fact that you will have to leave your home and you need to secure a new place to live.

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