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As most everyone knows now foreclosures in America are hitting an all-time high.  Most people either know someone who has been foreclosed on, or are facing foreclosure themselves.  The whole process can be quite overwhelming, and figuring out which direction to go can waste pressure time, that should be used to save your home.  If this sounds like you or someone you know it may be time to consult with a foreclosure attorney.

If you are a homeowner in the pre-foreclosure stages, hiring an attorney to sort out and explain your options can be useful.  Knowing your legal options after a bank issues you intent to foreclose notice, is very important.  This can help you know which direction to go and what your rights are as a homeowner.  Working with a lawyer can either slow down the foreclosure process, or stop it all together.  Even if the most the attorney ends up doing is slowing the process, which is better than nothing, it will give you time to get your finances in order and secure a new home to move into.

If your are a renter facing a eviction due to the property you live in getting foreclosed on you may benefit from an attorney as well.  Not just individual have to worry about getting kicked out of there home, but so do renters.  Many builders all over America are being foreclosed on and it is something renters should watch out for.  If you are renting and hear the building is being foreclosed, you have rights as a tenant.  For instance you must have been given proper notices to vacate the apartment and depending on your state you must be given at least 30 days to move out.

If you’re a homeowner in series financial stress, talk to a lawyer who specializes in foreclosures and bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy is one is one way to stop foreclosure in it’s tracks.  In most states bankruptcy can put a hold on all foreclosure proceedings.  Usually, depending on your state, your home cannot be touched while you are in the midst of bankruptcy.  Because each state law varies, make sure to hire an attorney in your state.

Another reason why hiring an attorney is useful is to avoid foreclosure scams.  There are plenty of people out there making money, from people who barely have it to give in the first place.  If you feel that you have been taking advantage of or scammed upon, definitely seek legal council.  Report the scammers immediately, so know one else has to go through what you did.  If a foreclosure ‘solution’ company ever asks you to sign any paperwork it is very important to have a lawyer look over it, this is a sure way to avoid any scam.

With all the foreclosures going must lawyers are very busy, the sooner you contact one for help the better.  If you come to them a couple days before you’re to be evicted, there probably isn’t much they can do.  So as soon as you receive your foreclosure notices, look around for a lawyer.  Ask friends and coworkers for a reference, do some Internet research find out who is out there and who can help you with your particular situation the best.

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