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©Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee – freedigitalphotos

When the thought of facing foreclosure and possibility of losing your house runs through you mind, you probably are trying to come up with ways to avoid foreclosure, which means one thing: having the money to pay the mortgage bill.  Every little penny matters and can help make the payments.  If the possibility of foreclosure is on you mind, this is the time you want to learn the art of frugality.

To Be Frugal
Being frugal can be as much fun as you make it.  It’s not always exciting to clip coupons and look for deals everywhere.  Try to make the best of it you can, especially if it means the difference between keeping or losing your home.  You can even try and make it into a little game — write down how much you save each week and then try to beat it in the following week.

The Grocery Store
The grocery store is somewhere where you can save thousands of dollars a year.  I heard of some people even saving around $18,000 in one year by learning how to save money at the stores.  So here are some easy tips can save money and possibly save your home from foreclosure.

First tip is never ever shop hungry.  Everything in the store will look tasty to you and you are probably going to spend more then if you went in with a full stomach.

Before you go to the store plan out your meals and what you and your family will most likely eat for the week.  Make a list of everything you need to make your meals and follow this list at the store.  But be open to switching it around; for instance, if one of your meals was beef that week and chicken is on special, consider switching proteins.

Get the most for your money. When you are looking for a deal on items, don’t just look at the price, but also look at the size.  How much are you getting for the price?   Look at the unit price number per ounce on the price tag; this is the second smaller number on the stickers.  It should tell you how much you are paying per serving.

Check out the store brands, since they are usually cheaper and just as tasty as name brands.  Every product you see on the shelf usually has the store brand version close by.  Maybe it is only a 10-cent savings, but remember when it comes to avoiding foreclosure every penny counts.

Buying in bulk can save money; if there is something you know you’re going use a lot and all the time, look into buying it in bulk.  Be careful if you go to a bulk store though, because there are plenty of bad deals there as well.  Don’t go in the store and come out with unnecessary items that will just take up space in your closet.

Eat all your food before going back to the store.  Plenty of people go to the store on a daily basis.  If you make a list for the week and buy enough food for the week, you shouldn’t have to go back to the store for a while.  Every time you go the store it costs you more money than you think.  So the fewer trips to the store the more you will save.

Coupons can save some money if it is a product you actually use.  Don’t use a coupon just because you have it, make sure you’re actually going to eat what you are buying.  Also make sure using the coupon is the best deal; see if there are any similar products that are cheaper.

Once you learn the art of being frugal at the grocery store, it will play into other aspects of you life as well,  like finding good deals on gasoline, eating at cheaper restaurants, exploring the dollar menu more, and saving money on clothes.  This is a good thing in the long run though and if it means keep your home out of foreclosure, then putting the time and effort into it is worth it.

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