When facing foreclosure every penny really does count.  Take a look at my article from yesterday: Tips for saving money at the grocery store.  There you will find ways to possibly save up to 18,000 dollars a year.  Today I’m going to share with you another money pit fall clothes and how to save money on them.  If you are thinking that foreclosure is even a possibility for you in the future, I suggest learning all the saving tips you can.

©Stuart Miles - freedigitalphotos

©Stuart Miles – freedigitalphotos

Did you know that most clothes you buy, are marked up at least 75 percent.  That means even when you see sale signs, your not going to really be getting a good deal.  If you have a big family, you know a lot of money can be spent on clothes, which isn’t the best idea for avoiding foreclosure.  You can save thousands of dollars on clothes if you know some of the trade secrets that I share with you today.


First of all, like mentioned earlier, sales don’t mean a thing.  Most stores over mark and up sell everything.  Even if there is a sale on an item, your probably paying retail price for it.  For instance the other day I was in a store that was going out of business and it said 45% off everything.  Well when I went in and shopped around, I realized everything had been marked up before being marked down so basically there was no sale at all.  Remember sale means nothing, usually if there is sale sign in a window, it probably has dust on it, from being left up all year, trying to lure you in.


Another tip is to shop out season, yah its not exciting getting winter coat in the summer, but you really can save yourself some money here.   There is nothing worse then going to the mall buying something new and a month later seeing on the sale rack.


If you see something you like, compare deals.  Take down the name and model of a pair of jeans you like and look online to see if you can find it for a better deal.  If it is the same deal as the store you may consider buying at the store, just to support local businesses or bring in the sale price you found online and see if they will match it.


Most towns have a place where you can buy and sell used clothing.  If you buy nice clothes to start with, most of these stores will purchase them from you and you can get cash for them.  They don’t give you much money, probably only 10 percent of what it is you paid.  But this is still a good place to shop around; usually you can find name brand and nice conditioned items.  A bit more expensive then thrift stores, but usually nicer things, since the sales clerks are very particular about what used clothes they buy from people.


Watch how much you spend on “trendy” clothes.  Most trendy things go out of season quickly.  Try to spend your money on nice pieces that won’t go out of date or you can update the rest of your wardrobe around.  This will save you money in the long run and give you some quality outfits to wear.


It is worth going to discount stores to see what they have, such as T.J Maxx, Nordstrom’s rack.  Here you can find name brand items such as jeans or slacks for 100 dollars cheaper sometimes.  Both places are good places to pick up, shoes, bangs and accessories as well, they will definitely be cheaper then if you went to a department store.

When trying to avoid foreclosure, do everything you can, cut back on those expenses.  If you do it soon enough, you might just find that extra money in pocket is enough to pay your mortgage.

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