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There is a lot of talk about foreclosure in the world today and it can get a person thinking if they could be a potential candidate for it.  If you have started missing your mortgage payments, possibly received a notice from your lender, or fallen on financial difficulties, then the answer is yes, you could be facing foreclosure.

Most people in America are only about a paycheck or two from being in foreclosure.  If you unexpectedly lost a job, got sick, or lost income in the household due to a divorce, then you may be missing out on some money and struggling to keep your head above the mortgage payments.  Sometimes people are so stressed and worried they block out the obvious signs that they are heading toward financial problems and possibly foreclosure.

Signs that you are in financial trouble:
-You are maximizing credit card use
-You are using your credit cards for things you used to pay cash for such as; groceries, rent, utility bills, gas etc.
-You are falling behind on mortgage payments and starting to get late fees and harassing phone calls from creditors
-You can no longer pay off your credit cards and barely covering the minimum balance
-When a credit card becomes maxed out, you apply for a new one instead of paying that one off
-Tou have to choose which creditors to pay each month and who you can put off for a while, or not get a penalty for paying late.
-Simply just not paying your creditors anymore and throwing the statements straight into the garbage when you receive them.
-Friends and family are avoiding your calls, because you have asked them for money one too many times.
-Your cupboards are filled with romaine noodles and you are not a college student
-The thrift store seems too expensive
-You haven’t been driving your car, because it ran out of gas in your drive way
-You collect extra condiment packets, napkins, and plastic silverware at all the fast food restaurants to stock you home with them

If you are shaking you head yes to a lot of these signs or think that one sounds like a good idea, then most likely you are probably in some sort of financial difficulty and foreclosure may be knocking on the door.  This is not a time to panic though, instead think of it as a good thing that you realized you’re in trouble and can take some steps to turning things around.

The top ways to start getting financial problems back on track
-Avoid foreclosure by talking to lender immediately and telling them about your financial problems, see what solutions may be available to you.
-Call your creditors and explain that bankruptcy may be an option if they don’t lower you interest rates.  Creditors hate when people file bankruptcy so they may be able to help you out more, it they think you going to do this.
-Ask you boss for a raise, overtime, suggestions on ways to increase your pay. If they are of no help to you, consider getting a second job.

It takes time and effort to get your finances on track, so don’t get discouraged or give up.  Know that there are services and people out there to help you, look into them and see what options are available to you.  You can find help on stopping foreclosure and avoid it all together.

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