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If you are facing foreclosure or having trouble meeting your monthly mortgage payments, you may be interested in knowing sure ways.  You can save your home from foreclosure, but it means you’re going have to stay on top of things and know what to do.

1) Talk to your lender

The most important thing you can do is stay in touch with your lender.  Don’t keep them in the dark, let them know you are having financial troubles and you are not going to be able to meet your mortgage payments.  Find out what options are available to you and keep updating your lender every month, especially if you are going to be missing a payment.  If you want to find ways to keep your home from being foreclosed on, make sure the lender knows of this intention.   Most lenders would rather help you find away to keep your home and then take it away and put it in foreclosure.  Most lenders loose thousands of dollars when they foreclose on a home.

2) Apologize for the late payments

If you have missed payments on your mortgage, apologize and ask the lender for forgiveness.  You want to keep the lender on your good side, so they will be willing to work with you.  Also if you can start making your monthly payments, the bank may offer you forgiveness on what your previously owed.

3) Come up with some money

If your house is close going to auction, the one sure way to save it is to come up with some money.  The only payment a bank will usually accept is the full amount to bring your account current.  Even if you come up with it at the last minute, the bank will usually accept it, if the auction hasn’t happened.

4) Ask To Refinance The Loan

Depending on your lender and the state you live the bank may allow you to refinance the loan for you home and lower your monthly payments.  The lender may even allow you to take the back pay and put it on the back end of the loan.  This could extend the length of loan period, but at least you would be able to keep your home.

5) Have all your documentation on hand

If you are trying to stop foreclosure, you will have to provide documentation from the bank that proves; you can afford to make the monthly payments on you home.  If the bank is going to help you refinance, they are going to want the proof that you can keep up with the payments.

So these are some of the ways to stop the foreclosure process and keep on track when trying to save you home.  There are many ways to stop foreclosure, but most importantly is to stay on top of the process and keep in touch with your lender.

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